Merced County, District 5, is facing a number of complex problems that is going to take experienced leadership and common sense to solve. Scott Silveira is the leader with experience, ability and proven track record to tackle these issues head-on and develop financially responsible solutions that benefit Merced County as a whole.

Public Safety

As Supervisor, Scott Silveira will work with the Sheriff and Fire Chief to give them the tools they need to not only get by but be successful.  As a former volunteer Fire Chief, Scott understand the needs of the District first-hand and knows that solving these challenges requires working together, planning and financial responsibility. This includes a master plan to assess current station locations, technology gaps and new equipment. Long term planning for public safety investments improves response time in a cost-effective manner.

Investing in public safety is Scott’s primary priority and this is why Sheriff Vernon Warnke supports him for Supervisor.

Business Development

Creating business opportunities and new jobs, especially on the west side, is important. As Supervisor, Scott will prioritize business development and well-paying job creation in Merced County – sending the message that we are “open for business.”

Finding new ways to streamline permit processes, reduce fees, taxes and other financial roadblocks –  encourages businesses to relocate and create jobs right here at home. We need to find ways to provide job training for our youth and attract employers to keep our county competitive and sustainable.

County Services

County Roads throughout District 5 are in poor and failing condition, causing compromised public safety and dangerous conditions. As Supervisor, Scott Silveira will work to develop a master plan for County roads. Measure V funds provide an opportunity to address this long overdue issue, without adding additional fees or taxes.

Westside resident must travel long distances to access county services such as obtaining a marriage certificate, death certificate, or paying county taxes. Scott will work to co-locate these types of services in existing county offices already located on the Westside, maximizing the time and space of current county resources and providing much needed county services locally, at no additional expense.